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Hello world! June 6, 2010

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So far this blog has been just for me. Today, it’s for anyone that wants to come.

After this post, you can read it chronologically from the bottom up. You can read it backwards, or upside down with your lunch. You can stop reading. You can sing along. You can definitely click the links on the right side bar to learn more about what this whole mission thing is about.

You can also leave lovey supportive comments… I mean, if you want…

First, let me just admit some things I don’t normally admit.

I was a blabbering baby. My Mom and my Mamaw both swear I was born saying complete sentences. Once in the car, my Mom needed a break from our riveting yet endless conversation. “Lyndsi, can you just be quiet for one minute?!” she said.

“But I just have so much to say!”

Bless that woman for listening.

I do have so much to say! I do! I am a writer and words are my most favorite thing I’ve ever learned. I say them and read them to people all the time, but this is different. This is the part where I admit that I am a bit nervous. I’m nervous to release this blog about my mission. Because a mission is something I don’t know very much about, seeing as how I haven’t been on one yet. For now, it is still a very new choice. If a choice could be a person, this one would be young. She is very young, like a kid on the playground just swinging and waiting to go down the slide. She’s excited. She’s idealistic. She’s a little nervous and awkward and sometimes she has un-matching shoes or peanutbutter on her forehead. And just like your little sister or brother out there on the monkey bars, I don’t want anyone looking down on her, making fun of her… trying to squash her hope or scorn her ignorance.

One day I’ll come home with more understanding about what all of this means. My mission will be solidified into a past experience, rooted deep within me. Then this idea of mission will be like the Mom on the park bench, watchin the kids and keepin them safe.

I am not there yet. For now, I need to be young about this. I need you to be kind and open. I need to have hope bigger than the cynics and maybe even bigger than reality would suggest. Please let me be this way.

That’s all. You’re invited now.


8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Odessa Wooten Says:

    Sweet girl – thanks so much for allowing others to be inspired by you…you have always inspired me. I know you are going to do great things for great people. I am so very happy for you and know that your decision will be an eternal blessing to you, to our family (especially to me) and to your family. It is a hard decision – one you have not lightly taken. To have the gospel truths is so awesome, especially when you realize it when you are still young. I failed to do it when I was young but as I age I wonder “Why me? Why am I so fortunate to have the gospel in my life? Why was I chosen to know it was true the first time I heard it? Why have I not done more with it – set a better example, etc.?” You have inspired me all your life and I love your spirit. I pray for you each night and will continue to do that forever. You did blabber a lot but it was like you knew everything you were saying, and I know you did. The pre-existence rang so very true with me when I was introduced to the gospel and I know that we did live before and that God knows each of us individually – even each part of our personality – and He loves us for what we are. Stay strong, follow your promptings from the Lord and your life will be what it is intended to be. Love you so much.

  2. Excellent! I like this new blog; it’s layout, colors, and especially it’s words and wisdom.

  3. Carey McAllister Says:

    OK, so you probably have no clue who I am so don’t worry when you don’t recognize my name. I work for/with your mom and met you in person only briefly. Despite this I feel like I know you because your mother is very proud and brags about you a lot (with very good reason). Anyhow, I was getting ready for bed and decided to check my FB before I went to sleep. I saw what your mom put and decided to check it out real quick. Now it’s 12pm and I’m still up because your blog captivated me. My religous background is not the same as yours so the missions you go on is something that is foreign to me. I always wondered how Amy functioned with her children going to another country for 1 1/2 to 2 years because my mom got anxious when I mentioned possibly moving to Clover (and yes, that’s true). But after reading your blogs I’m seeing it in a new light. My mom would still freak, but I believe this is because of our different backgrounds. Not to say this isn’t still hard on Amy because I’m sure it is, but she understands why you need this for yourself. This is your calling at this point of time in your life.
    Since you used adjectives to help convey who you are and what you are feeling, I wanted to give you the adjectives that I thought of while reading your blog. You are inspirational, perceptive, honest, and spiritual. It is not often that these adjectives are used to describe someone of your age. So be proud of the woman you are becoming for she can do anything she wants whether it’s a mission or starting a family or becoming a successful writer or all of these things.
    I agree with Amy when she says that nothing bad could come of this and a lot of good is probable. Your relationship with God will continue to grow as well as your relationship with yourself. I believe this will only make you a better wife, mother, and member of society in general.
    I’m sorry this is so long, but I wanted you to know how I felt. Even though we are different, our spiritual journey is comparable in that it is a personal walk with you and God. Only you know where he leads you so trust in him and in yourself. I wish you the best on whatever your journey is, but I have a strong feeling that you will be perfectly fine no matter what!
    **Our God IS an AWESOME God**

  4. Julie Abreu Says:

    Hey Lyndsi…you don’t remember me for sure, but I remember you! I’ve known you family for years, and you since you were born. I’m Julie Abreu formerly Julie Hamilton from Greensboro. Anyway I have been friends with your Mom and family forever and I just wanted to say how touched I was by what you shared on your blog. It’s a wonderful thing you’ve decided to do. But like you said it’s also a hard thing you’ve decided to do. I just wanted to say that from my own experience, I can tell you that you will never regret this wonderful decision, and you will only find joy, blessings, and happiness from going. Anything that will bring you all of those things is definitely gonna be hard, so when the opposition comes, which most definitely it will, keep your eye on eternity and it will all be worth it. Good luck, and thanks again so much for sharing!
    Julie Abreu

  5. Kaylie Sikahema Says:

    Lyndsi Shae,

    I am so excited for you.

    This IS what it’s all about.

    On, on to the victory!

    You will be an amazing sister missionary. 🙂

    I love you.

  6. Aunt Kimber Says:

    Goodness I love you so much….I cannot imagine being your Mother..looking toward having two children away from her touch, hugs and kisses…I have always said I would be a Mission President’s worst nightmare…Definitely showing up in my RV with a long orange cord to plug into their electricity. I would not distract from their work, just clean the apartment, cook some meals, including some that freeze really well and stock the cabinets and fridge. When I think of Corey being soooo far away and not being able to pick up the phone and hear his voice I am amazed that your Mom is not C-R-A-Z-Y with worry. Her faith that he is doing the right thing is hard for me to understand. I know I certainly don’t have what she has…She is such a great spiritual and faithful mom and I realize that so much more everyday. When I heard you were going on a misson, I will confess my response was…Dang I wish she would finish school…I didn’t share this feeling/opinion with your Mom or anyone because I knew it would make me look like the crazy inactive, no faith, no attending, no understanding, non-spiritual and judgemental Aunt. I guess my feeling and commitment for an education comes from the missed opportunities I felt by not having ANY education…So this is where I admit that after reading this beautifully written blog, my opinions have changed. You don’t have much longer to go to finish your degree and I know your commitment and intelligence will take you back to it when you return, before you get married and fill your life with children and other things which will keep you from completeing this important task. I am proud of you and just want you to know that I will always support you in what ever choices you make (as long as one of them is to COMPLETE your degree when you return.) Just remember this makes my life twice as hard because now I have two missionaries to write to and two missionaries who will continue to quote scriptures, (which make me actually look them up) REMIND me at every opportunity about what I SHOULD be doing. So I am preparing for my spiritual life (which I really do still have) to become on my mind twice as much….Love you so much…Sorry for the length of this response…

  7. Alena Wild Says:

    I just love you!! And I know you’ll be great! You’ve learned a lot about relying on the Lord and following the Spirit, and that’s the most important thing.
    I’m excited about this blog. 🙂

  8. Amy Cordon Says:

    Your blog will inspire many girl. It is your beautiful thoughts written down and from the heart that people will read and feel inspired. You will be a wonderful Sister Missionary.

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