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Not an articulate moment. Woah! Yeah! June 17, 2010

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Hey! My call is in my mailbox!

I’m gonna go open it up by myself at this really great place.

But you can come to my house tonight at 10pm to find out where I’m going.

Woooooooooooooosh goes my heart.


4 Responses to “Not an articulate moment. Woah! Yeah!”

  1. Genevieve Says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Dude, you’re so legit. Can’t wait to hear where you’re going!

  2. Melissa Brown Cranford Says:

    What about the PPl. on the East Coast who REALLY want to know and have been anticipating it ALL day….aka me…..I can’t come to your house at Ten….will you be posting it too? I hope so.

  3. Yes, I read my mission call all by myself, too. I knew it was in my mailbox and I let it sit all day before I finally retrieved it in the afternoon and sought solitude. I knew it wasn’t going to change sitting there in the mailbox, so what’s the rush? I’m excited to hear where you’re going!

  4. Aunt Kimber Says:

    So you are going to be the Missionaries of Orange County!! WOW I am so excited that you will be in such an exciting part of California…You can send alot of pictures to the “litle people” in NC who may not be able to make it through the iron gates that will surround most of the neighborhoods there. I have an entire list of movie stars who I think would make great Mormons…or at least I would love a photograph of them…beginning with Johnny Depp….!!! Seriously this will probably be a very difficult part of California. I am hoping that it is the mission that your Mom’s best friend lives in becasue at least we may be able to “maybe” keep up with you in a “different” way..Even though it doesn’t take you off the hook for writing us every week. Corey’s letters always leave me feeling comforted that he is OK.

    Lyndsi, you are really blessed to be part of the family that you were sent to extended and otherwise. Personally I cannot imagine how much your mother’e heart bleeds because she will not be able to touch, hug, squeeze and kiss her children. I know that my testimony is not very strong (even though I do still have one) but I am not sure I would have ever been able to make the sacrifices that your parents have made…I know I would have had to spend about a million hours on my knees and then I would still cry for the entire two years….Heck Brady and Jared are gone for 10 weeks and I wake up every day worring about them….Well enough said..I am proud and happy that you followed your heart, as usual, and while you are there, try working rewriting those boring disscussions….I am sure you can fill them with many more descriptive and interesting explainations and stories….You know like the one that Corey used with the beans, rice and water…lol Love you!

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