I am Sister Brown.

Send me to my people.

My first day at the MTC September 8, 2010

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September 01, 2010

Its my first day. I’m on the top bunk with my blanket, writing in my journal.  It’s good to do something familiar, but at the same time, I love all the unfamiliar things I’ve felt/seen/been asked to do today.  Already I am challenged here.  It’s almost relieving to be challenged.  In the book Eat, Pray, Love she says

“I need to marvel at something.”

But, I don’t need just anything. My spirit needs the truth.  It needs to marvel and then stretch in response…GROW!  I need to not just watch – but open my mouth. I had to do that a lot today.  As soon as I got my picture taken and my tag on (loved that part) and through the new kid assembly line … I TAUGHT A LESSON.  I knew the investigator’s name and I had 2 minutes to figure out what to teach.  It was actually just role play but pretty intense for my first hour.

I’ve felt only good things since I arrived.  An Elder asked me my name while we were standing in line for our tags.  “Hi! I’m Sister Brown.” Then I said, “YEAH!  I officially AM”.  After getting my tag, everyone just kept calling me that.  I love it.

My companion is … get this … Sister STARR ** She reported a while after me.  My teacher let me refresh his computer screen as often as I wanted to see if she’d arrived yet. (Her picture comes up on his screen after they take it — a few minutes before she comes to the classroom).

Meanwhile, I was teaching with Sister Bergstrom.  I really like her.  She is artsy.  You can just tell. She said one of her reasons for serving a mission was to spread joy.  It sounds ordinary but I know what she means.  I felt something really similar in the temple before my call, that I need to bring my ZEAL with me to San Fernando, to remember the joy in me and show it to people, the joy from the truth.  Sister Bergstrom wears a retainer, cut off sweat pants and  BIG old-lady glasses to bed.  I just REALLY like her.

The thing is, teaching with her today … I had to make sure I gave her time to talk.  She is more reserved and I would’ve dominated the lesson otherwise.  She is very low-key and laid-back.  It made me aware that I might need to chill out for Sister Starr, not tell her I’ve been refreshing the screen every few minutes and feeling so good and SPAZ *BLAH*BLAH*BLAH!

But here’s the interesting part.  Sister Starr is kinda nuts like me.  We taught almost immediately after she got in.  We are both WAY enthusiastic … both dominators.  I said to her afterwards –

“Sister Starr we are INTENSE!”

She pushes me already.  I like it. If we learn to combine all our energy -I think this can be really good, like stellar good,  otherwise we might work against each other – even on accident.

September 02, 2010

I’m sitting in line for immunizations and I want to write more about my first day. More about Sister Starr…

Sister Starr is from Texas.  We use the same chap-stick, have the same color painted on our fingernails and are always using the same blue anti-oil face pads that I am obsessed with.  I drop my pen everywhere. She forgets her tag for gym.  We both have a lot of desire and a lot to say.  I think we will be so powerful if we focus all of our madness.


2 Responses to “My first day at the MTC”

  1. Elaine Tiffany Says:

    Sister Brown,

    Wow I feel so weird saying that to you. I’m so glad you are enjoying your time at the MTC. I was just talking about you today with Jill Brandt and how you and Brittney were probably having a blast. Enjoy the weather here because in the next week or so welcome to Calif hot hot weather my mom says it’s still in the 100’s . Well I’m not much of a writer so it’s short and sweet baby peace out.
    Elaine Tiffany

  2. Alena Wild Says:


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