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The Browns are happening! February 19, 2011

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February 2, 2011

You’re reading the BOM together! APPLAUSE AROUND THE HOUSE YESS! This really makes me happy like you don’t understand. I know I will think about this all week. I love hearing stories about my family, especially little details like that. I crave that stuff. And I just love what Lacey said. Will you put that on my blog? Hilarious.

Here is the story Lyndsi Shae is referring to…

Okay our FUNNY to share.  Last night we were reading together (applaud applaud) in 1 Nephi Chapter 13.  This is the chapter that talks about Columbus and the Revolutionary War and the Bible and the coming forth of The Book of Mormon and how the Lamanites will be spread across the land but not totally destroyed by the settlers…its AMAZING and one of my favorites.  We had actually began reading it the night before but Lacey was gone and Jesse was sick and I really wanted them to hear this so we started over last night.  ANYWAY – we got to verse 37 and it said this:


37And ablessed are they who shall seek to bring forth my bZion at that day, for they shall have the cgift and the dpower of the Holy Ghost; and if they eendure unto the end they shall be flifted up at the last day, and shall be saved in the everlasting gkingdom of the Lamb; and whoso shall hpublish peace, yea, tidings of great joy, how beautiful upon the mountains shall they be.

And Jesse said – OH!  Missionaries!  That’s about Lyndsi and Corey!  

I said yeah!  And I like it – let’s read it again!  (And I choked up a little reading it again…)  

SO … Jesse -attempting to lighten the mood said – “Yeah Lacey… you want all those blessing? Then I suggest you re-think those thoughts of being the only of us NOT going on a mission….”  Then Lacey said… 

“Well I’m just going to concentrate on replenishing the earth – and get THOSE blessings … so don’t you worry about it!”

We all laughed and laughed and laughed and went to bed smiling.  I hope you laughed and are smiling too!

I love the scriptures. I know they are written by prophets of God– translated into my language and living in my day to enable my faith and further the Lord’s work on the earth. In them I hear His voice. I want to act. Lately I read them like food. I need them. Sometimes I just go verse by verse through ten pride cycles in a row. It could be the Gadianton Robbers. War. Destruction. It doesn’t matter. I literally feel strengthened by just the act of reading– like I am hooked up to some type of IV and power is flowing directly to my veins and into my heart. This is not an exaggeration. Things are rough and sometimes I need that direct source of strength. The scriptures help me to understand who God is. They help me have hope for my family. They help me know how to love specific people better. How to communicate with my companion. How to write people back. How to let go. How to hold on. And I don’t mean vague and general answers like “have faith” or “be charitable.” I am specifically guided in a very applicable, even step-by-step way. Where has this been all my life? I feel like I have been carrying around a personalized box of answers from God as if they were a general decoration. I am only starting to see what’s really in there.

I used to read the scriptures with myself in mind. I especially sought out verses that were comforting– God loves you and it’s gonna be okay type scriptures. That was most often what I needed. Now it’s different. I search the scriptures for myself of course, but also for my people. I look for verses that will help them understand the true nature of God– verses that inspire action– verses that explain life. And it’s not impersonal at all– it’s the most fulfilling thing. I can’t even explain. This week I fell in love with Jacob 4. It is an incredible chapter to teach people about prophets– what they do, why they matter, how we can find out for ourselves through the spirit– seriously! It’s a gold mine in there! Jacob is talking about how there’s no way he can write all the things he’s told his people because it is just too hard to engrave that much on the plates. (I feel the same way with my journals sometimes– how can any collection of paper ever be an accurate reflection of my mission?) Anyway, he is excited for the parts he can write– and he just wants people to KNOW that he knows Christ is real. And he knows all the prophets before him knew it too. He is pumped to tell the world so that they might learn with joy and not sorrow. He is so pumped to answer their questions in fact, that he can barely contain himself. I really heard myself in this next verse:

“Behold, my beloved brethren, I will unfold this mystery unto you; if I do not, by any means, get shaken from my firmness in the Spirit, and stumble because of my over anxiety for you.”

Jacob 4:18

I feel this all the time! In other words,

“I know you have deep questions in your soul because they are just spilling all over your doorstep/kitchen table/park bench here as we’re talking. And I want to answer them! Now! All at once! And I’ll do it if you let me! I’ll do it if I don’t fall off this porch/chair/park bench out of sheer elation to have met you and pure conviction in what we’re about to share! Yeah!”

I am healing from things I didn’t even know were ailing me. All your demons come out of a mission. So scary but so beautiful that this lifestyle makes it IMPOSSIBLE to complacently float through life and ignore your issues. We must face everything about us and really get to the bottom of who we are and who we must choose to become.

Thanks again for allowing me to spaz, extensively, about everything. I love you! See you next week!

Love Sister Brown


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  1. odessawooten Says:

    So enjoyed and said “Amen” to this letter – very inspiring and love you are having these experiences….Be careful and we love you!

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