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A loaded 15 minutes of writing… February 23, 2011

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February 9, 2011

I have only 15 minutes to write today. I took too long reading everything.
* I got your letter and I was so excited! I wish I could show you how elated I am to hear about our family having FHE and reading the BOM together. I haven’t had a bad day since I read about that. When I know things like that, none of the hard stuff matters anymore. Especially since Dad got a job where he can come home and be with everyone. I love that it started out with “The Brown family is happening. We are HAPPENING!” Yeah we are! Miracles in our little family. I am convinced we would rock one of those mormon.org videos. I talk about ya’ll all the time because I’m convinced you are among the most funny and wonderful group of people and that everyone must love the stories I can’t stop telling. Speaking of, Sister Reynolds started playing Yellow Car with me because I told her about B*rad. It’s fun. There are billions of yellow cars in the valley. He’d love it. Thanks for the pictures Nana! I love them! Everyone looks so good. I hope Dad’s cough gets better!
*We helped someone move yesterday for 2.5 hours. It was so therapeutic to just put on some sweatpants and WORK. Manual Labor. Yes. Remember how our family moved a few times? I knew how to help and it felt so good.
*I’ve been having some tough times. The good news is, I had a breakthrough this morning! I never feel like I can explain these fully in writing, and they’re so personal it feels unnatural to post them up for everyone. It was a sacred moment though. Here’s a rough summary: I got a blessing a while ago and I have been trying to follow some of the counsel it gave me. This specific advice could mean many things though, and always when I studied it out in my mind… I felt like I was missing something. Missing the point. This morning I figured it out! A few thoughts that have been floating around in my mind connected with some things I’m learning and some struggles I’m working through and everything just fell together and was finally complete. I get it now! I feel so hopeful, like I know where to go next.
*Sister Reynolds is WONDERFUL. I am so happy I got to keep her this transfer. Wish I had time to tell you more.
*One of our favorite investigators, Glow, asked if we could get sealed as a special group of friends. Isn’t that cool? Our people want to be friend-sealed to us!
*Here’s the last bit: I wrote this before I read everything– otherwise I would have spent it talking about something more important. Anyway, a little story about the valley:
Today we delivered a book of mormon printed in Armenian (eastern dialect). We explain again in the simplest english we can about what this book is and what it can do for this man’s life. “God bless you,” he says. He’s been waiting. Then we walk a few houses down and follow up with a lady who requested some things in Spanish. We explain again, in what spanish we know, about how she can receive an answer for herself from God. Then we walked past the park where the iranian men play chess at their daily picnic table and shout in grumpy Farsi at one another. Next: we walk into the library and over to computers #26 and 27. I’d reserved our spot earlier with my handy dandy Los Angeles Public Library card. There was a man trying to sign in to mine, but it wouldn’t let him because I’d reserved it. I tried to help him but he didn’t speak english. He was from Africa but I didn’t know where. Elsewhere in the library was a recent convert from Nigeria. I ask him to come over. They speak the same language. He translates. We find him a computer he can use. Welcome to our daily experience. This is the valley! Our people are from everywhere.
I love everyone! I can’t wait to tell you about our ward mission plan we started this year. I am pumped beyond reason for what it could turn into. Good things are happening. See you next week!

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