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I love this work… February 28, 2011

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February 28, 2011

Hey people! From now on everyone in our mission is e-mailin on Mondays. All the libraries are still closed on Mondays… so today I’m in the apple store at the mall. It’s a weird place to do family e-mails. It’s so hip and fresh in here and I’m just standin in my shabby missionary shoes with my journal out on the counter next to me— type type typing out my soul.

I just want everyone to know that I LOVE THIS WORK.

Sister Reynolds and I had a great week– blew almost all of our goals out of the water.

Many long awaited experiences with our people have finally happened.

(And we worked our faces off for every single one.)

By Sunday night we were adding up our numbers and just cheering— YELLING in joy.

We did it! We did it!

Not just the numbers– the results from the work and the heartache. There was lots of work. And lots of heartache.


February took FOREVER. Only 28 days and the LONGEST month of my life.


But hey, did you know?

I’ve been out six months.


I am making it.

I am becoming so many things and I love these people deep down to my closed-toed shoes.


Remember how I told you about the night where we knew we were out on that street for a reason? After knocking the last door, the spirit told us as we walked away, “Good job. You found her.” I love that lady. She later told us that that night when she went to bed she prayed: “God, I don’t know why those girls knocked on my door, but you know.” She left it at that. She’s pretty feisty but faithful too and I LOVE HER. We will call her Banana.


At the end of our second meeting with Banana we asked (just like we always asked)– is there anything we can help you with?


“Yeah,” she said.

“How do I tell someone I don’t want them in my life anymore– but in a nice way? And how do I deal with people at work? There is so much contention and nastiness. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.”


Hahaha. Isn’t she cool?

So we came back and taught Banana the answers– from the scriptures. I’m, telling you those things are incredible. It was awesome. Again, not vague and general answers like “BE NICE AND PRAY.” But specific stories that relate to her– specific principles for her to apply and questions to ask herself. We read and asked and she self-discovered. I love this. When we teach people to love the scriptures, to search them and find the answers– they develop a two-way communication with God through his words. Not with us and our stories or our personalities, but with the word of God. If we can help them this way, it won’t matter which missionaries come and go or what struggles fall upon them. They will be ready. I love my people. I want them to be ready.


I have so many more people I want to tell you about but it’s time to go. Most of my letter was to my family because I miss them and needed to tell them some specific things on my mind. Love everyone! See you next week!


Sister Brown


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