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So TIRED. I love this feeling. May 26, 2011

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May 02, 2011

I have so many jumbled thoughts– I rarely have time to stop and put them in order.
Every night I write in my journal but lately it goes something like this:

“So tired. I love this feeling.” — Sister Brown.

I’ll try to get some more out for you-no putting them in order though!


1. There is civilian music playing in here (where I am writing this email) and I don’t like it!  Real life music always makes me trunky out of my mind. Especially Taylor Swift! Give me a break!

2. We just went bowling and I owned most of the Elders.  Bring.It.On.  3rd place! I mean, not that we were keeping score or anything…. so as not to become intense and competitive. ; )

3. All my jokes are missionary or scripture related and I love how lame this is.

4. I am so impressed with this area. It is beautiful and people here are genuinely kind. We have met so many Moms playing in the park with their kids or helping them with their school projects. We’ve met Dads who build things with their kids and go for walks with them. People here are very family-minded. Family dinners together– everyone piling in the car to support someone’s soccer game– you name it. I’ve seen so many examples of patience and love in parenting.  I’m not just talking about the members– the majority of this town is this way. I love this place. I feel it is a gold mine of power and progress– but I’m still not sure quite how to open and access it. There must be something more we can do. Every night we write down all the good things that happened– we evaluate what worked and what didn’t and make new plans for the next day. We are getting better a little at a time. We are working hard.

5. We’ve felt inspired to work with the youth here. After meeting some of them, I can understand why we’ve felt that way. I’m impressed with them! There are so many strong young men and women– you can just tell they live what they believe. Their countenances are bright and they are so ready to help. We had an appointment with an 18 year old investigator Sunday night. We were scheduled to teach him at “Shoulder’s” house. Shoulder is 17. Shoulder couldn’t make it so he called around and found another place for us to teach the investigator and another youth to go and pick him up. He offered to make up for it by coming next week. He is 17! And he barely knows our investigator! How incredible!

6. We have set a date for a youth fireside. It’s going to be AWESOME. I love doing stuff like this! We’ve prayed over what to share and have a lot of ideas. We want them to know this is really for them and their benefit– not just for our own agenda. We introduced ourselves in YW/YM this week and told them we feel that Heavenly Father wants us to work specifically with the youth– and not because they are the rising generation in general– but because this area needs them-their ward needs them. We know it. We asked them why they think God wants us to work with them– and what obstacles have stopped them from sharing the gospel in the past– and how we can help them overcome those obstacles. They all wrote down their answers. It’s our second week here and we are goin strong. It’s coming together!

7. We are working really hard with the members in general. It is so much more effective than knocking doors. We do both every day by default, but these members are a gold mine too. We’ve received 8 referrals since we’ve been here. A referral is when a member asks us to visit with someone they know. Many people say things like “Oh sure you should go knock on my next door neighbors door and you call tell them I sent you.” I am so proud of them! They are not ashamed to share the truth– it’s the most healing and powerful thing they have to give and they know it. One even said “Come back tomorrow and I’ll walk you across the street and introduce you to my neighbor.” They are incredible.

8. Sister Warr is opening up more with me. I had the distinct impression last week that I wasn’t balancing what my companion needed with what the area needed. Every time I asked Sister Warr what she needed or what she wanted– she said to be a better teacher. That means we needed to find people to teach– which coincidentally seemed to be what the area needed too. So we knocked down the town and worked with members and just worked our faces off. But pretty soon I started to feel that she needed a little more than the work. But she wouldn’t tell me! I tried from many different angles and couldn’t figure out what was up. Anyway, it all came out a few days ago and we made plans about how we can help with her other needs. Whew. I’m really thankful for that. I just want to be so good for her! Sometimes I don’t know how but I’m workin on it. I’m going to try and focus more on her this week and helping her express the things she really needs.

Out of time! Love you!
Sister Brown.


One Response to “So TIRED. I love this feeling.”

  1. Odessa Wooten Says:

    Enjoyed the read – you are awesome. I love that you are concerned with Sister Warr – that is not always the case with some others, I am sure. I think this area was waiting on you coming to help…I think maybe you were waiting also on serving in this area. Hope you can meet Bob and Norma Zumbek when you eat at Norma’s son’s house again. They are really good people, especially Norma – she is a saint. Bob is a lot of fun and loves your Papaw – he says Bob is the brother he never had.

    Love you – keep up the good work – it’s okay to be “really tired” but please eat right, exercise daily and take care of yourself. If you don’t, think of all the hard work you won’t be able to do!

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