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Three weeks of “white washin”! May 29, 2011

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May 9, 2011


I loved talking to you yesterday(Mother’s Day). I prayed before I called and I asked for Heavenly Father to help me soak it up and make it meaningful-to help me feel it deep in my heart where it would last a while. Calling home is sacred for me. I wish I would have done it more before I was a missionary.


Afterwards I wrote in my journ for pages and pages while Sister Warr called her family.


I love you all so much! Hearing your voices opened up my heart and helped me to really feel. Sometimes I keep my heart a little too safe in there and I miss just feeling it bust open.

Before I say anything else (meaning a random thought has entered my mind), let it be known that I have a killer watch tan and shoe tan.

And oh man, the farmers tan is knarly people. KNARLY.

(Don’t I sound so California when I say that? Heh heh…)

I am working the hardest I’ve ever worked!



Every night I come home absolutely wiped.

I just sit on our balcony and look at the sky and soak up the peace of knowing that I’m being all I can be.

Ok so can I brag a little?

I just have to show you how we’re tearin it up out here.

Here it goes:

Mission standard here in San Fernando is to teach twenty lessons a week.

  • ·         When we got here, there was one scheduled appointment for the next week.
  • ·         And in the weeks after that: nothing.

A “lesson” means we teach a principle, leave a commitment, and say a prayer. This could happen:

  • ·         With members
  • ·         With non-members
  • ·         At a scheduled appointment
  • ·         Dropping by someone we know.


WEEK 1- we taught thirteen lessons total—

  • ·         Eight of those were to non-members.
  • ·         Two of the non-member lessons had a member present.


Not bad considering Sister Warr didn’t get here til half way through Tuesday.


WEEK 2– was rough– it’s the one where we learned Sister Warr needed more help than she let on.


WEEK 3 We focused more on our companionship.

  • ·         We took a break every once in a while to go by 7-11 for Gatorades.
  • ·         I made sure we had a little more variety in our day so she didn’t get burned out on one thing.
  • ·         We worked hard together–and more at her pace.


Here’s the results of week three: Are you ready?


We made it!

  • ·         13 of those were to non-members!
  • ·         6 of those were with a member present!
  • ·         We found 3 new investigators!


And next week is our fireside with the youth which is going to be EPIC!

  • ·         We’ve already met with the Bishop to talk it over with him.
  • ·         And we asked the young men and women personally to help us plan what to teach.
  • ·         They are going to be a force of miracles in this area once we get some fire in them, I can just tell already.


This area is burnin up!

Each apartment has a white board where we keep track of all our people.

When we got here, the board was a little bleak.

Not anymore!

There are SO MANY people on that thing from our efforts these past 3 weeks.

  • ·         New investigators.
  • ·         Potentials to follow up with.
  • ·         Part member families.



We’ve already filled 2 1/2 pages in the back of our planners with names of new people.



Friday night someone in our ward had a BBQ. We didn’t have a dinner appointment so they invited us. When we came in someone yelled:


“Hey! It’s the new sisters! I love these two!”


And the rest of the night people were sayin things like:


“I heard you two are on fire!”

“The new Sisters are on top of it!”


“We are so impressed with you.”


Our work actually means something!

People are noticing!

Whitewashin baby!

Me and my Sister Warr.

Bring it on.

Other small miracles that happened this week:

With Baller, an 18 year old b-ball and track star:


“I never knew about God until I heard about Him at school,” he told us.

“Some of my friends told me about Him and so I tried praying to Him one time… it felt good. I know He’s there. I don’t always get answers but I know if I keep my faith He will send them to me.”


“Baller, do you know what a testimony is?” we asked him


He wasn’t sure.


His friend was there (member present!) and explained it to him…

“It’s when you know something is true in your heart, and you tell people about it.”


Once he understands, we ask,

“Did you know you have a testimony?”


“I do?!” he said. He was beaming. Baller, the too cool for school athlete is smiling like it’s his birthday. Because he has a testimony! And he didn’t even realize!


“You do! When you talk about the Book of Mormon and prayer, we feel the spirit. It lets us know that what you’re saying is true. Your testimony is powerful. So are you.”


I love this kid.


Another investigator– for now we will call her Busy Mom.


Busy Mom has been meeting with missionaries on and off for years. Her husband is a member. She’s definitely felt the spirit at church. She wants her kids to grow up in it. But her mother doesn’t want her to join– so her fear holds her back. She says she wants to know if the Book of Mormon is true, but she doesn’t ever read it unless the missionaries are there reading it with her. She has so much to do and always says she doesn’t have time. Because she’s trying to be a good mom and take care of the billion things on her to-do list. It seems like she knows what she needs to do but by keeping busy she keeps a safe distance from the Book of Mormon, and is able to distract herself enough to feel complacent with not owning up to what she already knows– that the church is true and her kids need her to act on it. We ask her questions about what is the most important thing to her– all her answers relate back to the well-being of her kids. We ask her questions about what they really need– questions that help her discover for herself that acting on the truth will impact them more deeply and eternally than driving them places or cooking dinner or any other thing she is doing. We don’t’ tell her that straight-up, but we let her find it herself through answering our questions. Then she says:

“I was thinking this morning about my husband. You know when you’re married you get to know someone really well… I’ve noticed that when something is really important to him, he gets it done. It doesn’t matter how busy he is. He makes time. But if it’s not that big of a deal to him, then he’ll make excuses as if he doesn’t have time… I think I’ve been doing the same thing with God… oh my gosh… I’ve been doing the same thing with God! I need to make time for this”

Guess who committed for the first time to read the Book of Mormon every day?

She did!


I love being a missionary!

Write me letters! Everyone!

Sister Brown


One Response to “Three weeks of “white washin”!”

  1. Donald C Anderson Says:

    We are so happy to find this way to write. We love your letters and especially your attitude and spirituallity. Keep up that great work you are doing. Heavenly Father will always support what you do when your desires are righteous. He knows your needs and will always be there for you. It is wonderful that you are learning that so clearly. You were wonderful before going on a mission, I don’t know if you can be better than that, but expect you already are and then some. Love from the Andersons

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