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A good Pday June 7, 2011

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May 23, 2011

I feel so good today!

For p-day we went back to Castaic– the place out in the country. This time we went on a hike where we had to cross over a small river a million times on the way– jumpin from rock to rock. And at the top there was a waterfall! You could boulder up and over to it. And then you could climb this old chain ladder up to the top of the waterfall! And you best bet I did it! I felt so free! I love p-days like this. I love playin in the woods! I love tennis-shoes and t-shirts! On the way home we were all wet and smelly and driving through the winding country roads and jammin to our soft christian rock. I am dead tired and all scraped up, but I feel so ready for the upcoming week. Because I got to be a kid and be free! And now I can put my skirt back on and be professional.

Sister Warr and I had a hard week. Our numbers were great– 1 baptismal date. 6 people at church. 4 new investigators. 21 lessons. But I have no idea how that happened considering all the rough patches we hit. Sister Warr’s big brother got married this week and she was really missing home. We’re working through it and we get better every week. I think p-day really helped Sister Warr too.

Okay about that dinner appointment…I met four Fletcher parents and their kids– all of whom are the children or children-in-law of the ZumBecks, who are friends with Mamaw and Papaw. So they knew my Mamaw and Papaw! We’d all heard of each other but we didn’t realize we were all eating dinner together until they asked me where I was from. “If you know Greensboro you probably know my Mamaw and Papaw– they own that town,” I said. And they sure did! And I just loved it! It’s crazy how good it feels to talk to someone who knows someone who knows your Mamaw and Papaw. It’s the most connected I get besides email and letters! I felt very at home after that.

Our youth fireside was AWESOME.

This is the one we’ve been praying and preparing for since the first week we got here. Sister Warr was nervous. She doesn’t like public speaking. We did our best to incorporate everyone– bishop, ward council, ward missionaries, etc. We asked the youth what they wanted to learn. We prayed and prayed and practiced and practiced and kept tweaking the plans until we felt we had just the right stuff to teach. And then we taught that thing! Sunday night! By the time it finally came down to 7:30 I was just jumpin up and down–so pumped! So nervous! So excited! And we taught the pants off that fireside! And the youth participated and practiced and committed to bring a friend to the service activity on Wednesday. That’s all! Invite your friends to the bbq service activity at the ranch. They’ll come and love it and we’ll be there! We’ll ask them if they want to learn more. You just be their friend! So hopefully Wednesday will be great. I’ll tell you about it next week.

Man oh man I love this ward. And they love us.

A lady at the fireside said, “My husband was in ward council. He said ‘That Sister Brown’s got spunk!’ Is it true you taught 23 discussions last week?!”

The Elders Quorum President asked us to come to priesthood where he introduced us personally to everyone and had us talk about the work a little bit. Then he told them to write down their names and phone numbers for us so they could come to lessons and participate in the work.


If you think your missionaries are doing a good job– tell them! Support them! It makes such a difference!

I love you!

I’m so proud of you!

See you next week!

Sister Brown


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