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From Heaven … like manna. June 13, 2011

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June 13, 2011

We had another capture the flag water balloon fight up at the ranch today. I love those! At the end a few of the other missionaries dumped  a 10 gallon bucket of water on my head. I didn’t see it coming but it was pretty cold! Just like I’d won the SuperBowl! It was for my birthday. We’re having ice cream to celebrate at district meeting on Friday. I’m really glad I have missionary friends. I had friends in my last area too but I appreciate them more here. I need them more, and for that reason I feel a little closer to everyone.

One time I was e-mailing with a bunch of other missionaries at the apple store. One of the Elders stopped and asked “Does anyone else feel like their parents have no idea what we do on a day to day basis?” Everyone’s response was the same: YES. There are so many rough things we don’t talk about. Missions are really hard.


And not just physically – Emotionally and Mentally.

Especially emotionally.

This week especially was a roller coaster of roller coasters. I don’t even want to talk about it, but I want you to know that I could never handle this alone. I know angels are with me.

Let’s talk about one of the better parts of the week.

So we’re knocking doors (shocker!) and hardly anyone is home.
Eventually, Bio answers the door.
He is not awkward or annoyed.

He is curious.

He is respectful.

He is even genuine.

He tells us about his experience with religion so far.  Here are a few pieces of his story:

“It’s like everywhere I go I find these pieces of the truth that I love…   like the Jehovah Witnesses believe that things should be according to the scriptures and not to man. I really respect that. They also believe that the earth will reach it’s paradisical glory and eventually become heaven. That rings true to me…”

(I am already peeing my pants on his doorstep by now. But it gets even better.)

“The thing is, everywhere I go there are also things I don’t agree too much with. It’s like there’s something missing. You know who I think really had it? The Jews. I mean they had the prophets. They had Abraham. And that’s the thing… it’s like there should be more scripture. We can’t just stop with the bible. I’ve been meaning to ask my preacher if we could have The Scriptures Volume 2. There has to be more. And then what about today, what about the men of God and their
knowledge now? We need to record all of this…”


The Restoration: all the pieces of the truth combined and gaps filled.
Pearl of Great Price: The Book of Abraham.
The Gathering of Israel: The Jews unite with us!
The Book of Mormon: Scriptures Volume Two.
Modern Day Prophets: Men of God Recorded Today.


I did good.

I didn’t spaz and try to teach him all at once. I let him finish and then I explained the restoration CONCISELY. Can you believe it? And we gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to find out for himself.

Don’t take our word for it! Go pray and ask God!

Needless to say, he was pumped.
Bring it on.

I will knock ten thousand doors to find another Bio.

He was a little worried his wife wouldn’t be interested.

“If she has an open heart she’ll know,” he says.

It’s like he already knows it’s true but he’s not sure her heart will be open.

Wives are important.

We think so too.
We suggested they pray about it together and let us know what they think.

We went back a few days later.
Wife answers door.
Wife smiles, invites us in and makes us strawberry short cake.
Wife calls Bio to come to the living room. He appears in a wet suit that is a little too small, and immediately gets very embarrassed. Who is this guy?! He is so great!
Bio changes out of wet suit.
Quality gospel conversation ensues.
They are insightful, beautiful people.
Bio references Alma 40 during our conversation.
Wife believes in the pre-earth life but has never been taught it.
I could have cried.

Our week was so hard and these people fell from heaven.
Like manna, seriously.
I love God. I know he is here with us.
I know He loves Bio and his wife.
I know he loves the people that don’t listen to us too.
He loves this whole valley.
So do I.

I loved that experience.
I love being a missionary.
I crave meaningful conversations.   Genuine human interaction.
I crave change. Progress. Strength.
I want to change the world.
I know I can!
Because Heavenly Father’s work and glory is my work and glory too.
Together we can bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

I will not slow down.

I will not play it small.

I will not whine or pretend to be sick or try and sneak past the hard work.

It is not my priesthood duty to be here but I know I was called by God.

I know it is part of His plan for me that I be here.

In this place and in this timing.

I know what He expects of me.

We will work miracles.

~Sister Brown


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