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My Birthday and “SHOCK-AH-BOO-KOO” June 20, 2011

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June 20, 2011

Hey Family!

Today we went to see our friend Liz. Liz isn’t her real name but I’ll call her that because guess what– she’s JUST like Liz Gilbert! Yeah! The author of Eat Pray Love! She has been to a million countries and has all these friendly little sayings about the world. She LOVES food and is wise. Very wise. She is friends with anyone after a few minutes– any age or culture or personality. I love her. Liz’s husband recently got baptized so we come over a lot to teach him his new member lessons and he cooks awesome food and she makes awesome dessert and we just all love each other. She loves Ernie. They’ve only been married a few years. “He’s like an old pair of shoes,” she says. Liz was raised in the south and she is a great storyteller.

Today we went to visit her after we washed the car.

“Sister Brown I have a surprise for you!”

I asked,”You mean your son in law is getting baptized?!”

(We’ve been teaching him lately because these people are brave and wonderful and want their friends and family to learn about the gospel.)

“Nope, not quite that good… but I mean, it’s pretty good…”

Just then she pulls out two glass bottles of CHEERWINE!

I’m not even joking. I flipped my chips!

“And I made brownies because Cheerwine is great with chocolate!”

Liz thinks everything is great with chocolate– and I’d have to agree.

And this woman doesn’t make an average brownie.

These were rocky road.

“They were my favorite when I was a girl. But when I made them last week and they were missing a little somethin– so today I doubled the chocolate in the recipe.”

YES! I was meant to be best friends with this amazing woman.

Okay I don’t have much time this week!

What can I tell you about?


My birthday was great.

I dyed my hair for the first time in over 9 months. Because I’m half way through my mission and it’s my birthday and I need to freak out and do something about it! (For all those who had no idea what my natural hair actually is– I didn’t either. Turns out it’s dark blonde and a little bit reddish. But not anymore!)

Now it’s dark and fierce and I love it.

So… just in case you were wondering, my superficiality is still intact.

Here’s how my birthday went down:

Friday we had ice cream at district meeting.

Afterwards our zone leaders showed up in cowboy hats to deliver us some cupcakes from some famous place that won something on TV for their cupcakes. (That’s so California! Everything here is on TV!) BUT they were great!

Saturday we used a gift card for dinner at this place called The Elephant Bar. It has a huge elephant statue and zebra print bricks outside– so of course I’ve always wanted to go there!

(We’re watching Neighbor’s dogs for 10 days while she’s in the hospital. She has a sign on her door with a detailed list of all the people that should GO AWAY– salesman, landscapers, and every type of missionary under the sun. Yet somehow we’ve become good friends and she trusts us with her two labs. I love that! She is opening up more and more.  It’s so fun! She gave us a dinner gift card to say thanks.)

Saturday I got the package from home.  I cried my eyes out over the letter Mom wrote. I went in the closet so Sister Warr wouldn’t have to watch me. I loved it.  (Note: I wrote more to my family about this but no need to discuss it on the blog!)

Sunday Sister Warr made me a card that really warmed my heart. She used a million pieces of construction paper and drew 23 candles and everything. Inside she wrote that she’s thankful that I’m her trainer and she knows God put us together for a reason. She also said I’m becoming one of her best friends that she knows she can always count on. This is a huge deal because often times I can’t even tell if Sister Warr likes me. We’re just so different and the way we love/communicate is so different and reading that card was an answer to a billion prayers.

We also went to The Hall’s who made calzones and cupcakes and sang to me. I love the Hall’s because they get as pumped about missionary work as I do! So we just shout and exclaim about the gospel and the things we love! I love doing this. There are people who tolerate but few that participate. So I love the Hall’s for doing it with me.

That night we went to a part member family’s house and had nachos and a father’s day lesson and they sang to me too.

We also made a few Father’s Day cards during comp study for some dads that have helped us a lot.  I love making cards for people!

It was cool to have a birthday where I have to give up “my day” and serve other people. Because that’s what my mission is supposed to teach me anyway: Get over yourself and do the will of God!

I felt pretty sneaky all day … like I had a secret. We’re knocking doors and following-up with potentials and saying “Happy Fathers Day and the whole time I’m thinking (They don’t even know it’s my birthday! Heh heh…) But Ill admit … it was also great to have some friends remember and be excited with me. I just loved it all.

Things in Valencia are as tough as ever but I feel really good here. Lately I feel very me.

It’s hard to explain but so far in my mission, I’ve never felt so Lyndsi Shae and Sister Brown at the same time. In my thoughts, my studies, my conversations… I love it.

I love this missionary stuff. This is my thing! Loving people and following the spirit and moving forward.

Love it!

Speaking of following the spirit, the other day I felt like we should knock on these two doors. No one answered the first one. The second one was Ryan, a teenager who came right out on the porch and talked to us. He was buddhist and I asked him tons of questions. They don’t have missionaries because they believe that when people are searching for the truth– they’ll come to you.

We believe that too! We just make ourselves very, very, VERY, available for them.  ; )  But ultimately we DO pray that God will send them our way.

Anyway, when you’re helping someone convert to Buddhism, it’s called (and I’ll have to be phonetic with this)


So cool!  I don’t know why I felt we should knock on his door but I loved what I learned. I was really impressed with how much he knew about what he believed, especially to be so young. It seems rare that kids are that informed and enthusiastic. After that, we did show up just in time for an investigator we’ve been trying to contact for literally 9 weeks. So maybe God needed us to fill our next 15 minutes with something in order for us to have good timing with the investigator afterwards. He knew Ryan would help us out. Go Ryan go.

I have a million other things to say (Shocker!)

But I’m out of time.

Love you!

See you next week!

Sister Lyndsi Shae Brown


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