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Send me to my people.

Heads California…Tails Carolina September 19, 2011

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July 11, 2011

Transfer calls were supposed to come Saturday morning.

But Friday night the phone rings. It’s President.

Sound familiar?

Sound like last time I got a call on Friday night?

I still didn’t think anything of it.
I was brushin my teeth so I asked Sister Warr to answer it.

She does and then hands it to me.

I attempt to make a noise of greeting so he knows I’m there.

In response he says “Sister Brown you’re training!”

I’m literally foaming at the mouth with toothpaste.


Oh yeah. Leadership calls come on Friday.

I’m training again?

“Keep tearing it up like this and we might just have you train greenies for the rest of your mission!” he says.

I decided not to ask if he was being serious about that.

I just said “Bring it on.”

I hung up and Sister Warr started crying.

Since then I’ve been taking care of her.

How do I feel about it?

I don’t really know.

Sister Warr is going to be senior comp in Mission Hills! I LOVE MISSION HILLS! My greenie doesn’t get here until Wednesday afternoon so I get to spend all of Tuesday back in my old area with Sister Warr and her new companion! I get to see Glow and Rocket and all my people! Yeahhhhh! Anyway Sister Warr is a little freaked out to be senior comp in her third transfer. I was too. She’ll be okay. So that’s the news.

Here’s some stories about this week:

It was intense.

Every morning I woke up at 6 to do Insanity. Insanity is this new set of fad work out DVD’s—sort of like P90X. It’s hard. Like choke on your water bottle and can’t breathe hard. But I love it! It makes me feel so good after it’s over.

After that we go do yard work at Deary’s. She got out of knee replacement surgery this week. We’re tillin up the dirt with shovels in the hot sun and working in some good potting soil. After that we leave her an Ensign article or at least say good morning if she’s awake. Then we come home for lunch and shower.

By this time I’m feelin pretty beat up, but I think I can hack it so I just keep going. That’s the thing about my mission—it’s starting to make me feel like I can hack anything. So after lunch we knock doors, teach a lesson or two, and spread the gospel all over Valenica. I love all the goal setting we do and the self-discipline I am learning. And I love that I can feel my faith growing. My faith in the power and presence of God. And in what happens to me when I live worthy of the potential He gave me. I feel so strongly that I can achieve anything.

For most of my goals, the only thing that stands in the way of achieving them is my own apathy. And I hate apathy. I hate the idleness and mediocrity it breeds. So I’m all for conquering it one goal at a time.

If I want to finish the New Testament by next transfer… If I want to teach 20 lessons a week… If I want to develop greater patience or write a book or learn to play soccer… I can. I know I can. And if I want to do Insanity every day despite hellacious impending yard work at Deary’s… you best bet I will. And I did! And now I’m going to train this greenie because Heavenly Father will help me. My desires are pure and my faith is strong. He sent me here to learn and progress and He promised to help me. If it’s within His will and I’m willing to do the work, I can progress in any way I want to. He is with me.

That being said, I am SO tired.

During my first 5 transfers combined, I probably went to bed early 3 times.

Since I came to Valencia, I go to bed early probably 70% of the time.

And I take a 20 minute nap during lunch almost every day.

I am BEAT.

Before President called I had this daydream about me getting to be junior comp again in the upcoming transfer—or having a companion that would carry at least half the weight. It sounded nice. It sounded like my first two transfers. But it doesn’t look like that’s happening any time soon. Shocker. Can you believe I’ve been assigned to grow instead of plateau? I guess that’s a better idea.

So how am I feeling about it?

I’m pretty pumped.

I think I like this trainer thing. It plays to my big sister/mom side.

And being with Sister Reynolds helped me learn how to tone-down my tendency to be bossy/controlling/micromanaging/spastic—so that means my big sister/mom side isn’t as out of control these days. (Poor Sister Reynolds.)

Anyway if I trained and whitewashed last time—I can just plain train this time right?

It doesn’t make logical sense that I actually have the energy to do that. But I didn’t have the logical energy my 3rd transfer either. Or my 5th. Or when I came here. But I never did it by myself. I was given in the very hour what to say and do. And when I couldn’t say or do anymore, I was carried. Because faith isn’t logical. And miracles aren’t logical. And there’s plenty of faith and miracles around here.

It’s like Mom said.

“I think any holiday that is currently happening is pretty much your favorite. You have always been pretty excited about whatever happens to be happening.” That’s how I get through life. I’m not exceptionally talented at most things—but I make up for it in enthusiasm and willingness. That’s how I keep up when we play soccer or football on p-days. That’s how I make friends with strangers. That’s how I  fulfilled my callings in college. And that’s how I make it through my mission. I’m pumped enough to love doing the things I actually can’t technically do.

See you next week!

Love you like yard work and muddy tennis shoes.

Sister Brown


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