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Three Hoorah’s For Sister New September 19, 2011

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July 18, 2011

Hey family!

This week has been so full of good things. I am wiped-out and happy for p-day.

We’re still doing yardwork at Deary’s in the mornings. We finish around noon and then we come in and help make lunch for her and her kids. Her son is hooked on my grilled cheeses. Oh yeah—they’ve been his #1 request three days in a row. I love this family. The ward has been helping out by making dinners for them. It’s beautiful to watch Deary grow a relationship of trust with us and with the ward all while she recovers in her room upstairs.

I went back to Mission Hills on Wednesday and I loved it. I got to see Glow and her Mom! We helped them in the yard and then had a lesson about the atonement and baptism and we all just gushed our souls out over the scriptures. I’ve really missed doing that with them. I have found a few women on my mission that I feel bonded to for life—like we are deep down best friends. Glow and her Mom. Sister Scrap. Liz. All of them are at least 40 years old but the age gap just vanishes when we’re together.

I love them.

I also got to see Rocket and she’s expecting a baby! She’s about five weeks in right now and they’re still deciding on names. I pulled her aside at the end to ask if her and her husband are planning on being sealed. They are. I told her I would come down if I’m still on my mission and drive from BYU if I’m not. This is beautiful! I am in awe of the effects of missionary work which reach, literally, into eternity. I know I don’t comprehend it but I am humbled to even imagine.

I also got to see Banana. She’s goin through a hard time right now and will hopefully start reaching out to the missionaries again soon. It was really good to see her.

I just love Mission Hills. I was born there and those were my first people. We taught six lessons and found one new investigator. It felt so good. Sister Warr’s new companion is named Sister Mix. She has been out six weeks and I am very impressed with her. She graduated and worked as a nurse for while before she came out. She’s very grown-up about the work and is a great teacher. I think Sister Warr will do really well with her.

My new greenie’s name is Sister New!
She grew up in Pennsylvania and went to school at BYU Idaho. She loves art but is thinking about going into nursing—not sure yet.  Her family has since moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico. That must be a great place because every time she mentions it someone freaks out about how much they love going there. Sister New is the 4th of 6 kids. Both her parents are converts.

I’ve gotta say I just love this girl.
Since Day One. I love her. She reminds me of my friend Claire with a little bit of Stephy Jay mixed in—which is a beautiful combination. She is very soft-hearted. I never worry about her being sarcastic or rude to me which is so comforting. I needed that. The thing is—I really don’t know too much about her. She is very quiet, even when she speaks her voice is really soft. So getting to know her has been a slow process. (I mean… I guess it’s only been 5 ½ days.)

She’s not shy in lessons. I’m really impressed with her teaching. You can tell the gospel really means something to her. She isn’t spitting robotic doctrine—she is speaking straight from her heart. She has no
idea how great she is.

But when we’re not in lessons she doesn’t talk too much. I just want to know more about her! I talk so much, of course, and try to ask her good questions. She answers them but I’m not satisfied yet. I can’t wait til we’re better friends. She is so pure, especially when she prays. The spirit is with us all the time and I love that. There is nothing insincere about this girl and she really inspires me to be better. I feel inferior to her in many ways. She is keeping me on my toes. I like my mission even better ever since she came along.

We have been teaching a lot. So much in fact that we haven’t had time to knock.
Did you hear that?  There is no time to knock?!
Since when doest that happen? That’s all I did when I first got here!
All day! Every day! It’s been so good to compare this transfer to Sister Warr and I’s first transfer and realize how far the area has come since then. I need to teach her how to knock though because Tuesday and Thursday of this week I’m going to leadership training and she will be with another sister in Granada Hills. I’m really excited. I’ve always wanted to get picked to go to leadership training. I’m kind of a nerd  when it comes to missionary conferences—I love em.

Three hoorah’s for Sister New!
Pray for us!

Love you.

Sister Brown.


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