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We’re Doing It! November 5, 2011

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August 21, 2011

Well hey! I didn’t get transferred!
So…Sister Baum and I are havin a nice long p-day together. It’s 1:30 and all our errands are already done. We even had enough time to peruse over all the beautiful back to school supplies! Sister Baum loves notebooks and post-its and markers and things—just like me.
One of the primary teachers asked me to teach the kids a song in sign language! Yesss!
This week we went into the homes of two new people and taught them about the Restoration. Right now they’re both studying and praying to find their own answer. Guess how we found them? We knocked on their door. That’s unheard of in this area—and all the missionaries around
here make sure you know that as soon as you arrive. I’ve been telling them their wrong! (Mostly because I just can’t let myself believe it’s impossible to find people by knocking, even in a really wealthy area like this. It would kill my faith and my drive and I can’t handle that.) But I’ve never been able to prove my words til now! We’re doin it! There we were in their homes with the spirit all around. Miracles. The world is changing!
–I wrote all of that while I was waiting for my email to load. These computers are so slow! Now I’m here in the computer lab LOVING these beach photos. I miss you so much and I’m a mess over here. I think I will spend the rest of this e-mail talking about these pictures.–
I love you so big!
–Sister Brown


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