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They Have Testimonies…I Know It. November 8, 2011

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September 06, 2011

Great things that are happening around here:

After thirty some hours of service, we are finally teaching Neighbor.

This is a huge miracle.

So many walls had to be slowly. broken. down.

She still puts them up all the time but her progress is amazing.

I am learning a lot about how to be patient and loving– how to develop a relationship of trust with all sorts of different people, especially those I would not normally have come in contact with.

  • Those who are 40 years older than me and have virtually nothing in common with me.
  • Those who are going through a crisis of faith, a terminal disease, becoming a widow, etc.
  • Some aren’t going through anything in particular but they’re just mean or tired or bitter or all of the above.

Whatever the case may be, I love the process of loving people. I love learning to perceive their needs one step at a time. I feel like I can be friends with anyone these days.

Sometimes the complicated part, once you understand their needs, is figuring out how to meet those needs in a way that won’t hurt their pride. It takes a while before they will let you help. Sometimes they just never do. That’s hard.

I think I have done that to God a few times without even realizing.

We’ve been working with this one family ever since I got here. And by working with them I mean we’ve been calling and knocking on their door and washing their car when they’re not home and doing whatever we can to try and get a hold of them. The Mom is one of those middle-aged ladies that I feel so close to. She’s a member and her kids are getting baptized on the 24th. Their family is really changing and they are hungry to come back to church and feel the spirit. When we asked her son, who is 12, why he wanted to be baptized he said “I want to have the Holy Ghost with me so I can help my family.” He’s the oldest and his Mom is a single Mom and I think he sees how hard she works and how tired she gets all the time. He is reading his Book of Mormon every day and leading his family in some ways. They’re doing great.

We’re still teaching Curly, the old lady we found mowing her lawn and walking her dogs at the same time. We’ve been over to help her move furniture a few times and now we eat cookies and teach her. She’s a little skeptical but I love her. She’s the chattiest little lady I’ve ever known and is always in the middle of 30,000 projects and at least 5 books.

We found Teacher a few weeks ago at the Blitz and she is now a new investigator.

So are Sunny and Caesar.

So is Drummer.

Who ever heard of 4 new investigators from a blitz?! This is a record!

I love these people.

There’s nothing like sitting down with strangers and teaching the restoration.

The spirit of these meetings is healing.

Sunny texted us last night that her neighbor just offered to do some free plumbing work for her– and it turns out he’s a member!

Curly called us and said she just met some neighbors on her walk who go to our church!

Check it out!

It’s like God provides these people with natural fellowshippers when we find them on our own.

I am a huge fan of this.

Some bummer news:

Baller kind of stopped talking to us and then moved away to college. He won’t answer our texts or anything. I think something happened with his family again.

Deary dropped us too. The one who had knee surgery that we were doing yard work for. I loved her! I know she was one of the people I was supposed to meet on my mission. I hope she will change her mind one day and not let the fear of change overpower her faith.

These are two of my favorite people I’ve met on my mission and it’s been rough to lose them.

I know we gave them all we could. I know they’ll be prepared for the next chance they get to talk with missionaries.

I hope they’ll choose to act on what they know.

Because I know they have testimonies of their own. They know it too.

Some not necessarily great or bummer news:

I experienced my first earth quake this week!

I was on the second story of a retirement facility with my friend B. She is 91 years old!

The apartment shook and the picture frames were rattling and my eyes got HUGE!

I’ve been feeling for a while like an earthquake was coming and then there it was all around me.

It’s the craziest feeling!

B wasn’t too phased.

She just smiled and said “That musta been a four!”

It was a 4.2

Not bad B.

Love that lady.

The feeling I’ve been having was that a huge earthquake was coming, bigger than 4.2. So we’ll see.

Love you!

Happy 21st Birthday (tomorrow) Elder Corey Brown!

Y’all write me letters!

Sister Brown


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