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Exhausted November 11, 2011

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September 12, 2011

Hello My Friends!

Oh man I just got a 4 page typed email from Emily and I’m going to print it out and take it home and relish it.

Dad, I pray for your new job every day. How could anyone else be more qualified? I pray that they will notice all your talents even though I’m sure your quiet about them. You are going to be great and I believe in you.You deserve it.

I’m a mess these days. I love my mission so much and I want to work so hard for God. But I am so tired. Exhausted. The other day I woke up with a huge ache in my head and huge aches everywhere. I slept 25 of the next 48 hours. I didn’t have a sore throat or a cough or anything so I don’t know what was wrong. I’m just exhausted. I went to the doctor and she looked in my mouth and my ears and said I was fine. She kept saying she “could do some blood work…” but she didn’t think it was necessary. And I’m kind of scared of blood work so I didn’t push it. Sometimes I feel really bad about those 2 days—like maybe I’m just lazy. But lazy people sleep in a few hours… not 25 hours in 2 days! How did I do that? This happened once last transfer too. Sister Martin’s not sure what’s up but she wants me to keep a log of when I get these exhaustion spells so we can see if there’s a pattern to it.

“Maybe she’s just working herself psycho hard and her body gets burned out,” Sister Baum said.

“Yeah, probably.” Sister Martin said.

I got a blessing yesterday and I feel great today, so I don’t want you to worry.

This week Elder Golden is here. He’s a member of the 70 from South Africa. He’s touring our mission and we have zone conference with him on Wednesday so I hope to learn a lot from him.

Remember the family we’ve been working with? The one with the single Mom and the kids that are about to get baptized? We want to make sure they really have testimonies of their own, especially the 12 year old. He’s doing great with reading his scriptures but we want to make sure he learns how to apply them to his own life—how to have a spiritual experience with them all on his own. So Sister Baum found a story about Moroni winning a war against the Lamanites because he was prepared, armed, and sought advice from the prophet. We had army men spread out over the floor, with a map of Jershon and the Hill Riplah and Manti and the wilderness. It was awesome. We made him Moroni, captain of the Nephites and talked about how he can apply these war tactics to fight Satan today. We talked about the meaning of his armor and some specific ways he can follow the prophet. It was awesome! Sister Baum was all about the army men and I was all about the metaphors and together we rocked. I love her.

Sister Baum has started writing in her journal with colored pens and unlined paper. She even made a cover for hers! The creativity thing is very unlike her. It’s cool to see how companions rub off on each other. I’ve started cutting my own bangs and counting my calories. What can I say? She’s getting to me. I can’t believe it. Counting calories is against all my beliefs.

In other news, I started mission journ #6 last week and I am pumped.

I glued a picture of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies on the front because I love those people. I want to be just like them and I am trying to bury all my weapons of rebellion and give my will to the Lord. I was assigned to do our District Meeting training this week on Obedience. We read about them and made pretend weapons out of biodegradable stuff. Then we spent about 10 quiet minutes individually brainstorming all the things we’re disobedient about. Then we each picked one sin, or “weapon of rebellion” we wanted to renounce forever. We wrote them on our pretend weapons and then I took them outside and dug a hole! We buried them on the church grounds and read some victory scriptures together about how we too could become zealous and highly favored of the Lord. Hence, I am obsessed with the Anti-Nephi-Lehies.

President Martin showed up at our District Meeting to meet with the Spanish speaking  missionaries.

“Do we have anything to ask President?” I asked Sister Baum.

It’s such a rare opportunity to see him and I figured there must be something we’d been wanting to talk to him about.

“Yeah we do…” she said.

“…Hey President, can I stay with Sister Brown ‘til she dies?”

(This is missionary code for—can I be Sister Brown’s companion until her mission is over?)

He said No.

He thinks it’s time to “spread me around the mission a little”

Does this mean I’m getting transferred?

We’ll see.

Sister Baum is pretty great.

Love you!

Sister Brown


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