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Eatin’ Sushi and Leavin’ Valencia November 12, 2011

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September 26, 2011

I had so many great things to read that there’s not much time to reply!
I’ll try my best.

I’m glad you had a happy birthday Dad. I told people you were 50 all day! Mom says you’re the best lookin 50 year old around.

So many good things happened this week!

Our baptism on Saturday went great. I just love those kids and their Mom and we all cried and ate cake and testified and oh man I love being a missionary.

There’s an investigator here that I am so sad to leave. (I won’t know for sure if I’m being transferred until Saturday, but I’m almost positive I will be.) Anyway, we’ll call her Mama. Mama really wants her family to be involved in the lessons but past attempts have been less than promising. This week we went out to dinner with her, her husband, and her little five year old daughter. It was great! It was my one year mark from my first day in the field. September 23rd. Mama was taking us out for a goodbye dinner but she wouldn’t call it that because every time she talks about me being transferred she gets teary-eyed and changes the subject. My heart aches over that! I had no idea she loved me that much.

Lots of people here are sad to see my leave and for some reason, I am always surprised at that. Maybe because when we whitewashed the drama and disobedience out of this place I often felt like the “not-fun” missionary. Because I went by the rules and worked and the few investigators that survived the previous sisters weren’t so into obedient missionaries as much as they were into fun missionaries.

But I guess people here love me anyway! That’s nice to know. It’s a dang good thing because I have loved my heart out in this town over and over with these people.

Anyway, so we’re at the sushi place with Mama and it was soooo good. I had eel! And all sorts of raw who-knows-what. But I loved it. Sister Baum’s over there eatin vegetarian sushi and we’re all dancin to the music with our chopsticks and having good, meaningful conversations and  some legitimate bonding time with their family.

It was a Friday night. The BYU game was on a big screen right in front of us and all my favorite songs were playin and it was the weirdest thing to be inside of a beautiful moment on my mission but surrounded by things that reminded me of home. I tried not to look at the screen bc if I saw someone I knew in the crowd I just couldn’t handle the cross over. I like my mission life and my home life to be in separate categories.

This is me and Emily eating sushi! (See the BYU game on the TV...the game Im trying to ignore!)

Oh man I’m talking about a million subjects at once right now.

Anyway so we go home from dinner and we’re going to read from the Book of Mormon together. Husband has to go to his soccer game, but that’s ok. So much progress was made tonight and I know he’ll love it when we can get some of his time and show him. (You best bet we have an inspired plan.) He’s picked up a ton of interest in religion lately– way more than ever before and I feel he is being prepared to catch up to Mama (his wife) so they can do it together. That’s what she wants of course. She’s been taking the lessons for years. Unfortunately, her husband was part of some of the past sister missionary drama that brought on our whitewashin revolution. He needed to regain trust in the missionaries. We’ve been making small steps with him for a long time.

So husband goes off to soccer and we scooter outside with the 5 year old daughter for 20 minutes before bed time. The sky is pink and it’s breezy and I haven’t been on a scooter in forever! And it’s good to play with Emily and help her open up a little. Later as we’re reading with Mama, her daughter climbs up in her lap and wants to read too. She soaks up the kid’s Book of Mormon we brought and says a prayer with her Mama before bed. So great!

We got to watch the Relief Society broadcast! I can’t wait for conference.

I received a few really key pieces of revelation this week that have helped me to have hope and energy.

I love you and I wish I had time to write more!

See you next p-day!
Sister Brown


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