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Sometimes A Change Is As Good As A Rest November 12, 2011

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October 03, 2011

Well hey people!
Transfer calls came and guess what?!

I’m opening up a new sisters’ area in the desert.

It’s called El Dorado.

I don’t know if you know this people, but that translates to:

The City of Gold!

Sister Mix and I are goin in to whitewash that town!
And that’s not all…

We’re doin it on bikes!
Pedaling our little hearts out to spread the word!

All I have to say is, Bring it on. Bring it on! We’re going to change the world!

Sister Mix came out with Sister Baum, which means this will be her 4th transfer. She is 24 and a nurse. She is currently serving in Mission Hills, my first area, with Sister Warr, my daughter. But now she’s mine all mine! I called her and told her I’m gonna love her and we’re gonna rock this thing! She agreed.

So I borrowed a bike and a helmet from a member here in Valencia and I’m off! I need to buy some leggings so I can ride with my skirt in style. Haha yeah right… when was the last time I was in style? Anyway… a lot of my investigators here are being Negative Nancy’s. They’re sayin things like: “How could they put you on bike in a skirt? What about the gangs in the desert? It’s so hot there! And then it’s gonna be so cold!”

Well I’m pumped anyway. I’ve always wanted to try this bike thing. And whitewashing is dear to my heart. I know it won’t be all fun and games but I know it will be a great challenge. And besides, I can totally run with those gangster guys! They will fear me. (Just kidding Mom. Don’t freak out! I’m buyin me some pepper spray.)

I have loved serving in Valencia. And it turns out, these people love me too! We’ve been working with a lot of people who don’t express emotion well or often. But since they’ve found out I’m leaving, they’ve said the most heartfelt things about the effect we’ve had on them and the love they have for us. I never knew these people loved me like that. Probably because when I love things I say it out loud. I tell strangers when I love their shoes and I tell Mom’s when I love their food and I tell my investigators when I love them. Daily. Constantly. But my mission is showing me that that’s not really what most people do. Sometimes, even if they don’t tell you, they really actually do love you. But I’m so glad they finally told me out loud. It really helps me to heart those things.

You know who else I love? President Monson.
I know that man is a prophet of God. I was so excited to show him to our investigators this week. Every time he got up to speak I felt so proud of him.

“Look! That’s our prophet! Isn’t he wondeful? Can’t you feel the spirit in your heart when he speaks?

Isn’t he delightful and friendly on top of all that?

I love him!

I know that conference was full of inspired words directly from our Heavenly Father. He still speaks to us today. The heavens have opened again and the Gospel is restored to the earth! Come and see for yourself!

Someone told me the other day,

“Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.”

That’s what this area was for me. I had to lead the way but had no idea where to go. It was a perfect lesson in how to trust and follow my Heavenly Father. We let him lead the way instead. He did a lot better job than I ever could have, as usual. He was patient with me and my companions despite all of our weaknesses and mistakes.

I love Him.

I know He knows me because He sent me.

Because when I thought I needed a rest, He knew what I really needed was a change.

A challenge.

Some of my most cherished mission memories have been here in Valencia, coming home Sunday night and reporting numbers that we worked our faces off for. Yelling to our district leaders “We did it! We did it!” The first time we got 20 lessons felt like we’d conquered the world.

Every new investigator.

Every member present.

They were personal and sacred miracles to us. There is nothing better than coming home at the end of the night and feeling peaceful exhaustion. There’s not an ounce of energy left in you– but you’re so happy regardless! Because you know you gave it ALL to the Lord that day. You know He is pleased with you. I crave this feeling. I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve loved serving with Sister Baum. She is a great support and a breath of fresh air for me. I know we will always be friends.

I know my next assignment will be the same. I love new challenges! Whitewashing is such a kick in the pants! It makes me WORK. And work feels so good. And I love Sister Mix. I served with her for one day in an earlier transfer and was so impressed with how mature she is about the work and how pure her spirit is.

I am so pumped. I know the Gospel is so REAL! This work is such a beautiful process. It changes others hearts and completely refines me at the same time. Thank you for prayerfully striving to receive revelation for my assignments so that I could have all of these experiences.

Oh! But I don’t have an apartment out there yet. They’re still trying to find us one. So for now we’re staying with some other desert sisters. One of them is SISTER STARR! My MTC comp that I also love! But they’re moving out soon too so here’s the deal– if you want to send me letters, send them to the office. It’s the only way I’ll be sure to get them.

I love you so much! Pray that I will have tons of energy this week!

And patience!

And faith!

Sister Brown.


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