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Down in El Dorado! November 13, 2011

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October 10, 2011

Hey Family!

Great news, in the last week we’ve acquired 2 bikes, 1 apartment, and 4 new investigators!

Our ward is in Lancaster out here in the desert and oh man it is the antithesis of Valencia. I feel like every time I get transferred I show up in a whole new mission. Mission Hills was full of all sorts of people from all over the world. It had nice parts and sketchy parts. A mix of everything. Valencia was almost entirely white and very wealthy– couldn’t find a sketch part of town if you tried. Not even a billboard or a power line. People in Lancaster are mostly black, and oh man it is the sketchiest place I’ve ever lived. I walked around in shell-shocked fear for the first few days.  We’re around some scary things but if you show no fear and tell people you’re a missionary for Jesus Christ, you’re left alone. In some areas we are even known and protected.

People here love Jesus, that’s the good news. It took us 3 hours to knock 40 doors because people are so willing to talk to us. It’s a totally different culture and the change feels good. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning and moving and working and not thinking about myself.

President said we could look online to find a bike for Sister Mix. We found one for $30! Looks like all those text-book haggling skills paid off. We know how to find ’em cheap. That bike is still on the way. They gave us a mission truck until then. It is big and old and we named him Thunder. I love drivin this thing!

But last night we wanted to try our bikes so Sister Mix borrowed one from a member and we set out to pedal our way for the last 3  hours of the night. It was hard but I liked it. I am determined to have legs of steel like the Elders.

I love being with Sister Mix. She’s from Idaho and has finished nursing school. She’s 25 so she worked for a few years before she came out. It is nice to be with someone who is so grown up and mature about the work. We work hard and push each other and I never feel like I’m dragging her behind me or lowering the bar so she doesn’t get grumpy. We want the same thing! She’ll knock with me for THREE hours! That’s unheard of! Love this girl! She is also very kind and patient, which is great because I’m a spaz and a lot to put up with. She also has pretty curly hair that totally works with this weird sweaty helmet thing…

Our new apartment won’t have electricity til Tuesday so we’ve been staying with the Juniper sisters for about a week now. I love living with Sister Starr! We get our companions together and we can’t stop talking. We wear each other’s clothes and try each other’s shampoo and try to knock more doors than the other… it’s great. Sister Starr and I have always wanted to be companions but we’re not sure how all that personality would fit in one companionship.

Oh yeah! We ate dinner at the Novak’s our first night and their son just got back from serving in Charlotte. He went to Uncle Clarence’s and ate the brunswick stew! And we told his family all about Bojangles and Cheerwine and I felt very at home.

I love you!
See you next week!

Sister Brown


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