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God Even Knows Chinese November 21, 2011

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 October 31, 2011

Things that happened this week:

I had my first biff on the bike. It was Tuesday.
(This means I made it 3 weeks before I fell)!
I was going from the street up onto the sidewalk. The front wheel on the bike I borrowed is wobbley so it hit the lip of the ramp at the wrong angle and wobbled the opposite way and down I went. It didn’t hurt too bad when it happened. We squirted it down with a water bottle and I wiped the blood on the inside of my skirt. (How professional and dignified is my clothing!) The scrape is on my knee-cap and the first 5 or so inches of my shin. I rode around with neosporin on it after that and various dust, dirt and other desert debris gets stuck to my leg each day (including dog hair. bleh!) The most painful part is washing it out at night. I could scream. But Sister Mix is a nurse and she says it’s getting better. Sometimes she makes me hot chocolate at night while I’m sitting on the counter with my leg in the sink trying to be tough.

This week we met Ponytail. She wasn’t listening at first when we knocked on her door. She said she was busy and kept playing on her phone. We tried to ask her questions and get her engaged in our conversation– you know rather than just talk at her.

Eventually we asked, “Do you live here with your family?”

She paused.
“Well, I might as well tell you guys…”
She said her kids were just taken away from her. She is 23 and her  boyfriend went to jail and now they’re gone.
We showed her our map and told her we prayed over where we should go.
We felt like her street was the best place.

(We were on foot that day because Sister Mix had a flat tire.)
“Do you think it’s possible that God sent us to help you?” we asked.
“Yeah. I hope so.”
We’ve been teaching her since then.
Isn’t that beautiful?
What if we would have given up and walked away?
What if we would have gone somewhere else?
I feel strongly that they are out there. So many people are prepared for the truth and they are out there.

We also taught Bubble. Bubble is an exchange student from China.

She has never heard of God. Literally. We loved explaining Him to her for the first time.

“He’s your Father in heaven! He loves you! He’s been watching over you your whole life..

He misses you. You can talk to him when you pray.”

We taught her how to pray and practiced with her.

Now she prays every night before she goes to bed.

“You can pray in Chinese if you want Bubble … if you’re more comfortable…”

Her eyes got bigger.

“…He knows Chinese?” she asked.

“Yeah. He even knows Chinese.”

This missionary thing is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Gotta go! Love you!


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  1. “He knows Chinese?” That is the cutest thing ever!

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