I am Sister Brown.

Send me to my people.

Saddle Sore For Sure November 21, 2011

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October 17, 2011

I spent all my time writing back to Lacey, Corey, and Mom today so I’m almost out of time!

I am so happy.


(And exhausted.)

There is a girl in our ward who just got her mission call to Nashville TN. One of her friends has been asking questions about the church at work so she invited her to meet us. i.e. ideal missionary situation. I love finding people on my own but it’s always better when they come with a friend they already love. We were coming home from Glow’s Mom’s baptism in Mission Hills (which was so beautiful!) and I was nervous to teach this girl’s friend. I knew we were being trusted with so much! She really loves her friend and it was so brave of her to invite her to learn. We park and pray for the spirit to help us and I ask myself, “Are we worthy of the help we’re asking for?” And I knew we were. I knew we’d been doing our best to consecrate our time. To do the best and most effective things rather than the easier and somewhat-justifyable things.

I felt so good. So happy.

I am always happiest when I know Heavenly Father is happy with me.

I can’t get enough of that feeling.

Biking away!

Sister Brown


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