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Send me to my people.

My Brother is an RM. November 28, 2011

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November 21, 2011

I was just printing off my e-mails and thinking “What? My family didn’t write? They always write…”
And then I realized it is because you are in some distant jungle of Nicaragua picking my brother up from his mission! He’s done! My brother has gone all return missionary! He speaks spanish! He’s 21! My parents are OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Since when are we all old enough to be doing these things? I feel like I haven’t seen Corey in a billion years. My whole mission has gone by since I last saw him! And those 8 months or so before I left were among the most eventful 8 months ever so…. I feel like I’m in a time warp. Like he’s been gone since I was 18 or something. Did you know I’m 23? Someone asked me how old I was the other day and I said “I just hit my year mark.” But for once they weren’t asking about how old I was in the mission. They meant my age. I couldn’t remember! I knew I was 22 or 23 but I had to count back from 1988. What is happening to my life?

Whenever I get overwhelmed by reality, I just pretend like none of it is a big deal and keep moving forward. So I’ll just do that again now.

Sister Mix and I had THE BEST WEEK EVER!

Check this out:
We taught 29 lessons. 29!! That’s more than I’ve ever taught on any other week of my mission. Mission standard is 20 and I’ve busted my face plenty of times trying to reach that. All the sudden we’re at 29.

10 of those were to investigators with a member present. That means our investigator set an appt with us, we invited a member to come and meet them, and both actually showed up. Ten times! Also unheard of.

13 of them were to investigators without a member there– many of these were just drop-by’s or at the door.

That means only 6 of them were to members (dinner appts).

In all of this, we found 11 new investigators. ELEVEN new people! The mission standard is 4.

We also set our first baptismal date since we got here!
That happened on Saturday. Saturday morning we decided we were going to invite everyone we talked with to be baptized. And we did! We invited the people at our appts, the people we dropped in on, and even the people we met at the door! It made us feel fearless. And it was great! They all said that once they know for themselves that these things are true, they’ll be baptized. And now when we come back, they understand what they’re preparing for. It’s not like baptism will just pop out of nowhere later. They get it. They’re expecting it. I love this! This is how it should be.

I’ve got a new layer of dollar store duct tape on the soles of my shoes and I feel good.
(I have plenty of shoes Mom but these are my favorite so I’m makin them last.)
What else can I tell you about?
The wind was blowing so hard this week! The wind always blows in Lancaster.
And biking against the wind is awful. You just PUSH on your pedals as hard as you can.
Over and over and over.
Saturday we rode through the streets yelling “Take that wind! Our quads are as big as our faith!”
And then we had to stop because I couldn’t stop laughing.

I am really happy.
I feel blessed.
That’s what people in Lancaster say. When they read our tags they say, “Have a blessed day!”
It happens everywhere. With people on the street or in the store or at the cross walks…
People love Jesus here.
So do we! So we just keep talking and visiting and building relationships with them so we can teach them.
“How are you?” we ask.
“Blessed and highly favored!” they say.
I know this makes it sound like a bouncy little bible town– but that’s the thing– it’s not.
I feel like I am serving my mission inside an MTV music video.
Everyone’s got a parole officer or a doo-rag or a gang affiliation or a court date or is havin their non-husband’s baby.
But they want to listen and they’re blessed and I love these people.
I just want to ride my bike around and talk to them about Jesus.

I can’t wait to hear about Nicaragua!
Love you!

Sister Brown


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