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This Is Epiphany Phase November 28, 2011

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November 14, 2011


I come to you at the conclusion of a fantastic week.

We taught 23 lessons and found 4 new people! And although Bubble was our only investigator at church, we were the closest we’ve ever been to getting other people there! Progress!

I love Sister Mix. I can’t believe I get to keep her another transfer! This is exactly what I wanted.

Other transfer news: Sister Warr is training! I can’t believe she is in her 6th transfer already! I was in my 6th transfer when I trained her. Her greenie is from Japan! She doesn’t come in til Wednesday but I’m excited to meet her someday. I have lived to see my grand daughter. I was so happy that she called me to freak out about it.

Sister Starr is whitewashing Stevenson Ranch, a super wealthy area in the same zone as my last ward in Valencia. It used to be an elders area and now she and Sister Robb (who came out with Sister Warr) are takin over! On bikes! Sister Starr has been prayin to go on bike ever since I did. This is hilarious to me because she doesn’t know how to ride one and in the MTC she flat out refused to ever serve on bike in the field. But then she changed her mind and prayed and now she’s the woman for the job. I love her. She’ll be great.

I’ve been meaning to tell you that this ward treats us so well. Every p-day we wake up, clean the apartment, and walk to the store. People have offered to take us but it’s literally a block away so we just walk over. After that a member comes and picks us up and lets us do laundry at her house. We’ll call her July. July is the daughter of Cuban political refugees. She lived an insane life and is full of great dramatic stories. She joined the church ten years ago and is now homeschooling her youngest 3 girls. They all have super long brown hair and their own hobbies. Someone’s making a paper mache piñata or learning the guitar or creating a recipe every time we go over. I love this family.

We also have a man here who helps us slime our tires and fix our bikes every chance he gets. He feeds us lunch once a week and after he saw my wobbly wheel, he took my bike away and gave me his daughter’s so I wouldn’t fall again. Luckily I got my old bike fixed so he’s back now. I missed him.

There is another lady here who recently started coming back to church. I love her because she’s so driven to change. She’s a high school math teacher and works very hard at all her 10,000 goals. She has running goals, spiritual goals, eating goals, calling goals, reading goals— we are a lot a like except she’s more diligent. She tells it straight up like it is and I love that. She comes out to appointments with us a lot and gives us rides to church and always volunteers dinner when someone cancels. I keep telling her how great she is and the other day she said “Well don’t spread it around too much– I might get married or something!” Haha love her. We’re going to her family’s for Thanksgiving and they’re gonna have sweet potatoes!

Bubble is doing great. We taught her about Jesus Christ the other day. About how he came to set an example for us and provided a way to overcome all things.

I always try to teach the gospel like it’s fresh and new and a miracle that we’re hearing for the first time. But with Bubble– it actually is. It’s beautiful.

We watched Finding Faith in Christ so she could visualize him and see some of the things he did.

I showed her that book I got for Christmas last year too. (Reflections of Christ.)

“How do you think you can have more faith in him?”

She thinks for a while.

“Talk to him

… get information

… trust


I love teaching this girl.

The next time we taught her more about the Book of Mormon.

She is in 2 Nephi already.

“Did you know Jesus going to come back?”


“Yeah. We don’t know when but this book can help you be ready for Him. If you grow your faith in Him you will recognize Him when he comes, because you will be like Him, and He will be your friend.”

Her prayers are starting to sound more natural– like she’s really being herself with God.

I love this job. I’m having a lot of realizations lately. I go through waves on my mission of learning tiny principles and then all the sudden realizing how they all relate to one another. I’m in an epiphany-phase these days. Things are connecting and my understanding is really being enlightened, specifically about the atonement and how it applies to my mission. I know God has a plan for me and that I’m in the right place. I’m grateful he picked this place for me.


Sister Brown


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