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Fear Not December 5, 2011

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December 05,  2011

Bahhh! Almost no time to write this week. I’ll be fast.

It was her birthday this week! We came over for cake and taught her about Jesus’ birthday so she could understand what this whole Christmas thing is about.
“You mean it’s not about that big red guy?” she asked. (She meant Santa Claus.)
“Actually it’s not but people in America forget about Jesus sometimes so we can see why you thought that…”
We taught her the Christmas story and at the end we read the verse about the angel bringing good tidings of great joy.
We told her about how Christ has brought us great joy, and that the angel said this joy was for all people.
Then we gave her an angel Christmas ornament for her birthday.

I am loving this Christmas.
There is this thing at the church here in Lancaster called The Creche Festival.
Creche is a German word for nativity. The festival has over 1,000 nativity scenes from all over the world.
It’s the biggest one on the west coast. In Lancaster! How random!
I’ve seen them from Nicaragua! Japan, Native Americans, Mexico, Africa…
They also have nativities made out of all different things– marshmallows, volcanic ash… everything!
The church is decorated BEAUTIFUL. There are poinsettias and lights everywhere.
They’ve been doing it for 17 years so the whole community comes and choirs from different high schools and Christian churches in the community come to sing.
Our ward choir did a gospel clap-your-hands thing!
There was a bell choir and a big Catholic sings-in-Latin choir and some people on bongos and all sorts of things!
There are so many different representations of Christ here.

It goes from Friday til Monday. We’re not allowed to proselyte or pick up new investigators because they want it to be a unifying, no-pressure event. That’s probably a good thing but it’s hard to hold back. We did sign up to be “greeters” every day. It’s beautiful.

I can feel how much I love Christ this year.

More than any other year. When I walk around this place I am filled with peace, awe, fulfillment. He matters more to me now. I understand him a little better. I feel him and recognize him. By the time we watched the Christmas Devotional last night I was so ready. I’d been teaching the Christmas story for weeks and reading it and thinking about it and when it was finally taught back to me, I really felt it. It was so meaningful to me. So different this time.

“Fear not.”

Sister Brown

If you haven’t seen it yet– go to lds.org and check out the new Christmas videos. They are AWESOME.


One Response to “Fear Not”

  1. Odessa Wooten Says:

    I love your letters and am going to miss them so much – I will just have to wait on your book(s) I guess…Were you allowed to wear your tags when you were greeters? Love you – keep up the good deeds and thanks for all the blessings you have brouight to our lives…..Love you.

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