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The Brownie Mix December 26, 2011

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December 19, 2011

Quote of the week:

Sister Mix – “I don’t know if you knew this, but I went to Marsh Valley High School in Idaho. My graduating class was 125. We went to class in the middle of a cow pasture. So no, I don’t know who TuPac is.”

We had zone conference this week and a temple trip and somehow it still flew by.

Last night I wrote down our numbers in the back of my planner and realized that week 5 was now complete. One week left in the transfer. Then I had to go get in the shower.

These days the shower is my Zen place.

It’s where I go to think and be alone.

Time is going so fast and sometimes I just don’t know how to process reality.

Lately the AP’s are working on transfer boards

(That means they’re deciding where everyone should serve for the next 6 weeks).

They call all the time. “Quick question for Sister Brown…”

“… do you think so-and-so can handle training?”

“…are there any sister areas we could open next transfer?”

“…can so-and-so ride a bike?”

I’ve never been asked my opinion on transfer boards.

I didn’t know anyone got asked their opinion on transfer boards.

So I just tell them what I know and say “Don’t forget to pray, ok?”

This morning President called.

“Does your companionship have the capacity to train?” he asks.

What does that even mean? Like the emotional capacity?

“YES! I love this idea!” I tell him.

“Do you have room for a 3rd bed?” he asks.

…oh, is that what he meant?

“Sort of…we can make it work in here.”

And then he asks me all sorts of other  things and we just freak out and rejoice together.

I love that man.

And now I am so greenie hungry.

I want another one! And I want Sister Mix to help me raise her up right.

Sister Mix would be a great trainer. I always tell her that.

She says she’s too scared and I don’t want to give her up next transfer anyway.

I used to want to train again but… now I just want to be with Sister Mix.

This way we can both train and stay together!

And get some greenie spark goin to pump us up!

It’s trio trainin time.


Training new missionaries has changed since I was with Sister Warr and Sister New. They just introduced a new program and I’ve always wanted to do it because I think I would learn so much. But the program lasts 12 weeks, which means Sister Mix would train the last 6 weeks on her own. Perfect! She’ll be so great! But she won’t have to start it alone, so it won’t be as scary for her.

Can’t you just picture a little greenie on a bike with us?

We’re already talking about making her a t-shirt and decorating our apartment and oh man I love training.

By the way, Sister Mix and I made these fantastic shirts that say *Brownymix*. Be jealous.

We picked up a new investigator a few weeks ago. We’ll call him Rockerboy.

He is 18 and his girlfriend is a member in another town. The elders were teaching him out there for a while but now he’s ours and I’m so pumped. This kid is just like Jared Robertson. I think he ponders things all the time but is never sure how to express them. He has shaggy red hair and plays guitar and adores this girl he’s dating. Like can’t stop adoring her. They’re precious.

“What do you remember most from what the elders taught you?”

“I like the idea of faith,” he says.

“As in, you want to have faith?” we ask.

“Yeah, I want all the faith I can get.”

Me too.

This is great.

He came to church this week. His girlfriend came with him but you could tell he was nervous. He’s been to her ward before but he knows a lot of youth there. He did great though and we’re excited. He wants to be baptized in late January. We invited him in our first lesson and he said he’s been looking forward to it for a long time.

“What about it are you looking forward to?”

“I don’t know…. I guess I look forward to how it will feel.”

“How do you think it will feel?”

“Clean,” he said.

I love this!

Do you remember Jared? The one I knew from efy with the reddish hair? He came to visit us with his big brother one time and then he was up at UVU when I was at BYU. They look so much alike and have the same mannerisms and everything. It’s strange but it’s great.

We taught another youth fireside this week. I really love teaching to big groups, especially youth. I get so pumped and loud and I’m scribblin on the board and calling out for participation and the momentum of it all feels so good to me.

We also went to a baptism in Spanish this week. The three kids getting baptized play soccer with us and the Elders sometimes and we promised them we’d go. I made friends with the lady next to me.

“Me gusta tu zapatos!” I love going to baptisms in Spanish because I can feel the spirit even without knowing what’s being said. And because I think it’s a beautiful language. And because we get to sing in Spanish, which I love doing.

That being said, I’m so glad I am serving in my native language. There is so much I want to say to people all the time and it would be frustrating to hold back and only say what I could translate. Or to not be able to have my thoughts come out in their rawest, most sincere form. I feel lucky that I’ve been able to express all of my testimony and all of my heart in their language since day 1.

I still think I’d love to speak something else. I really miss my sign language. And I want to play an instrument. And there’s just a lot of things I’m going to do in my life.

I love you!

Sister Brown


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