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Was Christmas Just Yesterday? December 26, 2011

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December 26, 2011

Hey family,

It’s like I just talked to you!

What else is left to say?

I’m finally feeling better. My voice is mostly back to normal. But I was naaaasty sick last week. Members were practically throwing medicine at me. One of them took me to get some 12 hour sinus stuff. Another gave me dayquil and nyquil. Another brought out the vitamin c powder to stir up in my water bottles. An elder from Palmdale saw us at a dinner appt on Christmas Eve and went back to his apartment to get me some throat-coat herbal tea. Sister Escobar gave me some nose spray and Sister Mix had throat spray. Sister Mix used her nurse skills and showed me how I could combine it all the best way. Sunday morning I took it all and didn’t sing any of the hymns at church– and that was a sacrifice because they were some good christmas hymns. But I was so worried I was going to lose my voice completely and not be able to talk to you on the phone! So I just mouthed the words to the hymns and tried not to talk too much to anyoneat church– which obviously didn’t work because I can’t ever stop talking. But hey, my voice still worked on the phone! And now I’m better! Time to train our little greenie!

By the way, for the blog people:

Our greenie is from Japan. JAPAN!!!

She is learning English in the MTC as we speak.

This is so great!

Christmas week was a little rough because everyone was so busy. We didn’t have many appointments but we got this genius idea to make cookies and cards for all our investigators… and then we got different members to go around and deliver them with us… and when people let us in we taught a short lesson about Christmas and the atonement. So we racked up a good number of member-present lessons, made good contact with all our investigators, and still came out with a good week! I just brought my box of tissues with me and took a big nap at lunch each day. And by the way, those cookies were SO GOOD.

We got lots of scarves and gloves and bike reflector lights from the ward– they’ve never had sisters before and constantly freak out about us being safe.

No one worries about the Elders. I think it’s sad but they don’t seem to mind.

We even got reflective ankle bands– so we will be riding in style.

We also got about ten million plates of cookies and fudge and wonderful things, which we will be sharing with the world for the next decade or so.

We’re going to pick up our new companion on Wednesday and see if she can ride the extra bike in our garage!

Love you!

Sister Brown


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