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Oh…here it all goes! February 7, 2012

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February 06, 2012

Hey Family!!

The good news is– I’m not nearly as emotional as everyone (justifyably) seems to assume I am.

I feel that Heavenly Father is giving me a little extra attention during the last few weeks of my mission because He wants to make sure I am happy. He is really helping me and I feel great. He loves me!

We had another miracle baptism this week. She asked me to give my testimony afterwards. And then I got to speak in sacrament the next day after she recieved the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for all these extra chances to vocalize all the feelings in my heart as I see people I love make covenants with God. I am so full of blessings I could just burst. Sometimes I think–How are there enough blessings left for everyone else?

It’s so interesting to set return appointments that I will not be at. And baptismal dates I will not come to. Brother Goodness’ family will be sealed in the temple. Meredith will prepare for her mission. Sister Patnode’s friend will learn the rest of The Plan of Salvation. Ita will be baptized. Glow will receive her endowments. The miracles keep rolling in. The work moves forward, even after I leave. I always thought this part would make me sad, but so far it is just beautiful to me.

The closing hymn in sacrament meeting yesterday:

“I’ll go where you want me to go dear Lord…”

It meant something different to me this time.

It may not be on the front lines of full-time missionary work here in California… but I’ll go where you want me to go.  I’ll be who He wants me to be and receive the good that He would have me do.

I believe I can and I trust that I will never be alone again.

Love you like the plane ride home!

–Sister Brown.


One Response to “Oh…here it all goes!”

  1. Serena Says:

    I will miss your bouyant posts – will you write about post mission life here? That was a weird feeling for me. But it helped that my sister returned a month later. Go hard out!! Know you will like I know the sun will rise.

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